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... a quality recognized worldwide

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The P&C Pineau des charentes and Cognac are made exclusively by the Lembert family, which perpetuates its know-how for 3 generations. The vineyard extends over almost 30 hectares and is located in Petite Champagne, in the particularly famous region around Archiac and Arthenac called “Petite Champagne d’Archiac”, where limestone and chalky soils conditions are similar to that of Grande Champagne.

Although it is not a legal name, it evokes a highly appreciated quality for professionals.


By the requirement and the rigorous selection made at each stage of the elaboration: quality of vineyard, grapes from the Ugni Blanc grapevines variety and wines, the excellence of the distillation and ageing made exclusively on the estate, Pineau and Cognac P&C are unique and authentic.


Discover P&C Pineau des Charentes and Cognac

Pineau des Charentes P&C Cognac P&C


Pineau des Charentes



Domain & History



Winegrowing appeared in the Charentes region by the end of the first century after JC. In the Middle-Age, wines of the Charentes region were appreciated in the Northern European countries (England, Flanders, Holland and Norway) and international trade was encouraged by the navigation on the river Charente.


However, because of a high degree of alcohol, the quality of the wines was altered by the length of sea journeys, which led the Dutch to distill the wines in order to better preserve them: they invented the “brandwijn” and drank it with water.


Then, wines were distilled in the producing region to reduce the volume to transport, and the double distillation process appeared which enabled to produce a more stable “eau-de- vie”, easier to transport. Producers also discovered that the quality was improved with age in oak barrels, made from the close Limousin’s forest.


During the 18 th and 19 th centuries, international trade quickly developed with Northern European countries and two new markets: America and Far East.


At the end of 19 th century, the majority of the vineyard was destroyed by the insect phylloxera and was then replanted thanks to an American phylloxera-resistant grapevine, but it took many years to recover. Traditional used grapevines varieties were gradually replaced by the more resistant Ugni-Blanc, which is now the most used variety.


At the beginning of the 20 th century, the geographic production region was delimited and then Cognacwas recognized as an “Appellation d’Origine”


Today, Cognac is an international luxury product, of which more than 90% of production is exported to 160 countries.



It represents an eau-de-vie of excellence, symbol af France and its "Art of Living".


Pineau des Charentes

The Pineau des Charentes, originally legendary, shares its history with Cognac. For more than four centuries, winemakers elaborate, with passion, this unique wine in the world, in the respect of the traditions and know-how transferred from a generation to another.


Since 1945, the quality of their workis rewarded by an “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, AOC” (Controlled Appellation of Origin).


Thanks to a unique “terroir”, located between the country and the Atlantic Ocean, the fertility of chalky soils and the oceanic climate enable an excellent grape ripening.


The harvest period begin from late September.

The grapes are then pressured to obtain grape must and then muted with Cognac to stop the fermentation process.

Pineau des Charentes is then ageing in oak barrels to develop its flavor and then bottled on the property.

Gastronomy & Cocktails


Cognac can be tasted in two ways :

- traditionally digestive, pure and at room temperature for old Cognac (Napoleon, XO ...),

- but also as an aperitif, lying down, on ice or in cocktail for the youngest (***, VS, VSOP).


The richness of the aromas is extended with floral, fruity, woody or spicy notes.


Gastronomy is also developing around Cognac, particularly with particularly tasty Cognac-Meal accords:

- fish, seafood, dried hams, white and red meats,

- but also dessert with chocolate or some cheeses.

About us


The history of the P&C brand has its origin in the childhood friendship between its founders.

Passionate about sports and in love with our terroir, our team willingness is now to promote both Pineau des Charentes and Cognac and to build a brand of international notoriety, directly developed by the winemaker which will seduce you thanks to its history, its authenticity, its innovation and its quest for excellence.

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